9 June 2006

Another Blog Interview (as told to Kirstin)

1. Have you ever been hooked on any reality tv show?
I love Survivor. It is society on a micro-scale, with all of the petty rivalry, jealousy and deception of Lord of the Flies. And the locations are great. I loved the one where they swam with the Mastigias jellyfish in Palau. I've always wanted to do that. The games they give them to play are really cool (and I always think I'd be able to play them faster or more intelligently). Oh, and the contestants are often nice to look at, too.

2. If you have to choose (and, you do have to choose!) who is your one favourite person in the world, who you could stand to be stuck in an elevator with for.. 7 days? (That's a long time.)
My favourite person in the world is Anna. I've known her longer than anybody - we went to the same school. She's the single most optimistic, bright, funny, intelligent, kind person I've ever met. She knows more about me than anybody else and I trust her completely. We might be stuck in a very confined space for a long time, but we'll find something to laugh about.

3. Remember the last time you were so FURIOUS you wanted to scream... What happened? (As in, what caused you to be so angry? Also, did you punch the wall? (Some guys do that.))
Last weekend at the bookshop one of the guys from the Seattle Coffee shop next door came in to ask me to help him fix a printer jam on their cash register. So I go over to see if I can help out. I tell the Seattle people that I don't think I can fix it and that they'll need to shut down and restart their cash register. As I'm standing there, fiddling with the ink cartridge and the roll of paper, this damn woman shouts at me: "Can you hurry up? We're still waiting here. Just pull out my receipt or something". I was quite upset. Here I am, doing people a favour in a shop where I'm not even employed and this woman is shouting at me. I looked her right in the eye for a moment, turned around and went back to the counter of the bookshop. Right then another customer started a shouting match with Matthew, because he refused to sign his debit card slip even though it's in his own best interest to do so. I went into the back office and did a little screaming of my own that day. I'm not a wall-punching kind of guy. As Daffy Duck said: "I'm not like other people. I can't stand pain. It hurts me".

4. Cats or dogs?
Dogs. Cats have hideous personalities and make me itch. Garfield is much cooler than Snoopy, though.

5. Summer or Winter? (Or Spring or Autumn!?)
I think I'm pretty much an autumn person. Good cocooning weather. I like the turning of the leaves, the warm days and cool nights. People dress more stylishly. And orchids come into bloom after the summer growing season. If I can just discover a way to eradicate autumn colds and 'flu, it would be perfect.


~d said...

GET out! Snoopy so totally rocks!

I am FIRST! WOO! I have been thinking on the furious question. I am not certain I could answer that one. I don't GET furious.
**I am actually here to thank you for your support with my sister-the quote you sent me. Its a bitch, EOH. I have had this responsible feeling for 24 plus years. How does one 'turn it off'?

gm said...

I agree with ~d - Snoopy is the best. Defeated, dry and melancholy! And this from a cat person. Haha.

Op daardie een, flou storie: Toe iemand eenkeer vir Madeleine van Biljon in 'n onderhoud gevra het of sy 'n kat/hond mens is, antwoord sy nee, jong, sy is meer van 'n voël mens. Nou ja daar het jy dit.

Unknown said...

Don't get me wrong, I love the Peanuts cartoons - I just have appreciably more Garfield books than anything else.

You can't turn it off. I always felt like I had to compensate for my sibling's screw-ups and I know that I always will. But you know, the moment that she was "out of sight, out of mind" and we'd broken all contact, that was the moment that she finally took control of her own destiny. And surprised all of us in a good way. At the moment she's doing a superb balancing act of her life ...without a safety net.

Ha-ha-ha hooe... (snork lelik).

kitty said...

Yay, thanks. I enjoyed your answers!

So, you and Karen and Matthew all work at EB? Who else? It seems like the whole blogging community.

arcadia said...

i love the name anna.

het nog nooit die groot bohaai rondom die peanuts-ding verstaan nie.

gm, dis die beste flou storie van die dag! ek is glad nie 'n hond OF kat-mens nie.