2 October 2006

5 things I plan on doing (but secretly know I never will)

1. Watch every Woody Allen movie ever made.
2. Learn to speak an African language.
3. Read a Jane Austen novel.
4. Learn to play the guitar.
5. Repot all the orchids in a single marathon weekend session.



Karen Little said...

Ha! You already speak TWO african languages - English and Afrikaans.

One down, four to go.

Unknown said...

I meant a Nguni language like Zulu. Sorry for not being specific enough.

gm said...

Ek's met jou met die Woody Allen: ek wil ook graag elkeen sien, maar kom nie gereeld genoeg daarby uit nie. Het onlangs Annie Hall gekyk, maar daar is nog so baie. Sal maar sien wat gebeur.

En Jane Austen, ek hoop darem ek sal nog eendag een lees. Blykbaar lees dit maklik.

Adam said...


Het jy al die nuwe DVD winkel bo in Brooklyn Square ontdek? DVDGURUS. Enigiets wat jy nie op 'n ander plek sal kry nie. Groter variety as Gaslight!


arcadia said...

hoe kon jy nog nooit 'n jane austen gelees het nie? en gerhard, jy ook nie? ek sak my kop in bloedige skaamte. vir jul part.

mike said...

I've already done two of those!

Afrikaans is considered African, says the Ling Dept. They call the others 'black' languages.

So I speak Afrikaans. Even though I'm from Durban. Go me!

And I have read both Northanger Abbey and Emma. Woot.

Triggermap said...

If you've read Charles Dickens, you can skip Jane Austen. I'm sure I'll get flamed for that...

Unknown said...

Maar ek is nie exactly die 'target market' nie. Is dit nie maar net 'n baie goeie, baie ou Mills & Boon nie?

Ek't gehoor dis so amazing - sal nog eendag daar 'n draai gaan maak.

Sien my comment vir gm. I am not ashamed.

What would you recommend I start with, then? I think I actually have a copy of Northanger Abbey somewhere.

That's hilarious (and probably accurate). The only Dickens I ever read was Hard Times. I'd also like to mention that I read Silas Marner by George Eliot. Now those were hard times; it was horrible.

arcadia said...

die sacrilege wat kwytgeraak word op hierdie blog! leon! wat is dit aan die idee van 'n jane austen wat jou pla?

ek sou aanraai (om mee te begin) dat jy sense & sensibility lees, of pride & prejudice.

Wendy said...

Guitar huh? Never knew that...

AristoNeeks said...

i tried the jane austen and guitar thing.

couldnt get the hang of either. jane austen's pride and prejudice seemed like too much of a soap opera and i lost interest. guitar playing hurt my fingers too much.

so, some things were probly just not meant to be.

im trying to learn japanese... *sigh* practice is the key, i suppose.

mike said...

Hahaha. I'm not making any suggestions!

I read them for English in matric. I really can't say I enjoyed them very much at all... but of the two, Emma was probably a bit better. A little more approachable, for want of a better word.

gm said...

Haha! I've read Dickens' Great Expectations, and it was great and beautiful. It also put me off reading any other Dickens ever again!

Baie mense vir wie ek lief is en respekteer, is ook lief vir me. Austen. En sommige is ook nie in die target market nie. Ek sit met dieselfde probleem as jy: die flieks laat dit lyk soos 'n klomp tittering dames wat wag om te trou. Maar volgens "die hulle" is dit meer as net floutes en fantasie. Sal maar die plunge moet neem...

ing said...

I haven't read Jane Austen either, I think because of the soap-opera thing. But I did see the film version of Persuasion, and it wasn't bad at all. I get the feeling that she's quite insightful.

At the time she was writing, remember, women had to write a certain kind of book if they wanted to be taken seriously by the men who could publish their stuff -- and their audience was almost exclusively female.

Anyhoo, Henry James is pretty cool. And so is that language everyone's speaking.

Oh, and hi there.

Lexi said...

try mansfield park the use of space there and how it relates to fanny is what makes it work....and dh lawerence is sex for your brain, its just soo sensual