3 August 2007

My number is up

I have spent the whole of this week planning, packing, throwing things out, scanning important documents, saying goodbye, cancelling bank accounts, stressing, getting medical reports, buying luggage, overeating and clearing out my lab bench. And going through the sheer torture that is applying for a US visa.

Tomorrow afternoon I shall get on a plane bound for New York City, where I'll be incommunicado for about a week. Then I'm moving on to Fort Collins, Colorado, where the real fun and games are sure to start. Don't expect to hear from me until then, as I need to buy a computer first. Dear reader, I truly appreciate your interest in this blog. I will try my damndest to keep it up-to-date with all the latest juicy bits about my Stateside adventures. Play hard, think deep and remember: don't drink the water.


David said...

Thanks for the Cape Town in 10 days hints. I live in NYC, so if you get to an internet cafe, shoot me an email for NYC in 7 days. I'll be looking for you in the flower district, Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen and the Lower East Side.

Wendy said...


Triggermap said...

Good luck! Not that you need it... you're about to start an exciting new adventure - v.jealous - looking forward to the updates to start in a few weeks time :)