17 May 2006

Music For The Masses

A playlist. No theme, no pattern, just what's been in heavy circulation on the ol' iPod lately.

01 John the Revelator Playing the Angel Depeche Mode
02 Pandora Treasure Cocteau Twins
03 Title and Registration Transatlanticism Death Cab for Cutie
Destroy Everything You Touch Witching Hour Ladytron
05 Tyrant The Bravery The Bravery
06 Bongo Bong Clandestino Manu Chao
07 Lift Me Up Hotel Moby
08 Missing Piece Unsound Methods Recoil
09 Victim of Love The Circus Erasure
10 Fly Me Away Supernature Goldfrapp


~d said...

( I freaking LOVE Death Cab for Cutie AND The Bravery ! ) Among others on your playlist as well! Have you heard the Raconteurs? ( I think its Jack White's new band )
**I came here thru Karen Little and your night terror comments. Within the next several hours I am going to post on my 3yo's night terrors, I wouldn't mind your direct insight to what I describe. You sound like you know what you are talking about.
( give me a few hours to post...)
Thank you!

Unknown said...

Good luck, ~d. Stuff like that frightens the living daylights out of me. Knowledge is your best defence, I suppose. I'm quite interested in sleep research and sleeping disorders. Primarily 'cause we do such a freaking lot of it!

Do you like The Postal Service? It's an electro spin-off from DCfC and quite interesting. Is Jack White no longer with the Stripes? I shall look out for it.

arcadia said...

love postal service. the trailer for 'imaginery heroes' featured 'the district sleeps alone tonight' and i was so enthralled. pity the film didn't live up to the expectation.

Karen Little said...

The only song out of that playlist I would recognise if played to me is Fly Me Away... And I've been friends with you for how long? Sigh...

~d said...

Jack White is...I don't know. But he is front man for the Raconteurs. I will be looking up The Postal Service.
Do you like Interpol? too techno for me...not "techno" but Moby type of techno. thank you for popping in abt the kid and his 'night terrors'. As for Karen's Dad, what if he ate a banana, would that help the leg cramps?

Anonymous said...

Very cool tunes!

(btw, wandered here from Karen's world)

On my playlist at the moment:

1. Greetings from the Sugar Lick - The Spinanes
2. Hypnotized - The Plimsouls
3. Driver 8 -REM
4. Cold Rose - Ryan Adams
5. Lousy Reputation - We Are Scientists
6. Therefore I am - Jim O'Rourke
7. Farewell and Goodnight - Smashing Pumpkins
8. Stay - Craig Armstrong
9. The Origin of Love - Rufus Wainwright
10. Monster in the Parasol - Queens of the Stone Age

Unknown said...

I really like the odd tracks by Rufus Wainwright I've heard so far. Is there a specific record you'd recommend as a sort of introduction to his work?