7 December 2006

5 things to do before 2006 ends

1. Finish the damn thesis. Obviously. I'm so close... need to really work on the Discussion now.

2. Make a glass tile mosaic. This has become a December tradition.

3. Repot all of the neglected orchids which are now taking root outside their pots. I'm a bad mother, sniff.

4. Read something longer than 100 pages that does not concern photosynthesis, kinase signal transduction or UDP:glucosyltransferase enzymes.

5. Lose some weight. Hmmm. This one might prove problematic right before the season of honey-glazed everything.


arcadia said...

yay! a post!

this is the WORST time of the year to be losing weight. start afresh in the new year!

good to know there are other people working during the holidays. i'm working for all but four days. ain't life fun.

when are you leaving for the us?

AristoNeeks said...

good luck with that #5!

my super-conniving plan of action for xmas festivities, usually involves losing weight before december.

that way, i dont get too well-rounded by the end of the year.

Adam said...

adam swot gedurende die vakansie. adam skryf die 15e Januarie sy eerste Honneurs vraestel.

Try not to fokus too hard on losing the weight. That'll just attract the fat. Fokus on beaing lean and fit. Thats my philosophy. (the secret law of attraction...)

Sterkte dan daarmee...

Triggermap said...

Except for 2 & 3, I so relate to yor goals. I hope you get there before the end of the year - seems like a lot :)

twanji said...

I can think of at least 10 things I would like to do before the year ends, but with a mere 19 days to go and the trauma involved with working in retail around Christmas-time, I know that I will have to let go of them...

As for the weight thing, I am hoping to return to my normal size before Christmas as well (I blamed the recent gain on exams and they ended a month ago...). Arcadia, I have to disagree with your one point. Losing weight in January is the worst. It's so painfully Bridget Jones-ish! It's better to try to avoid the gain all together.
Good Luck!

Wendy said...

I am glad to see that thesis is #1. Yes, reading something not study related would be wonderful! It is on my list too. I think it is wishful thinking in our case.

Seeing as I don't speak to you much... here is an update:
1. We moved
2. Karen will be here on monday
3. My abstract was accepted for the conference in Phili - NOW I NEED TO WORK!
4. Miss you

Anonymous said...

Dit lyk of dit rof gaan aan daai kant van die stad. Sjoe, mens, ongelooflik. ek sien nou eers: Fulbright wat vuisslaan met Colorado (oor jou!), basies klaar met jou navorsingsdokument, en jy leef nog!
Baie geluk, ek haal my hoed af EN eet dit.
Ek hoop jy kan `n wel-verdiende storieboek gelees kry voor die einde van die jaar.

Trundling Grunt said...

1) Yeah - it just gets worse the longer you leave it so get it done.

2) Cool. I wish I could be that creative.

3) Where will you move on to after graduation? The States? Have you thought about adoption.

4) Good idea.

5) Dubious idea - I'm in the middle of that at the minute.

Xriba said...

Great reeading your post