17 December 2006

The closing of the greenhouse door

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That's it. A full year of greenhouse delights have come and gone. Consider this the final In The Greenhouse post for now. There's just no point in posting pictures of flowers you've seen before. As soon as novel beauties come into bloom, naturally I'll be sure to post those. And of course, you can always dip into the Archives and revisit old favourites! Thanks for all your enthusiasm; it's been a pleasure sharing a year's worth of irrational passion in this way. I hope you've been inspired by the world of orchids to add some tropical splendour to your own life.

Laelia tenebrosa. Big, colourful, bold as brass (literally). The flowers measure 18 cm from petal tip to petal tip. It's a summer-flowering Brazilian species and so always flowers around Chrimbo time in the southern hemisphere. Merry Christmas.


mike said...

Ah, it's beautiful! I really wish I could garden more. Next year in digs, I am TOTALLY going to get a bonsai tree and look after it.

If I get an orchid, would you advise me on its care, should I almost kill it?

Unknown said...

Personally, I don't understand bonsai trees. Perhaps it's becasue I like it when things grow gloriously enormous under my care. Snipping away at it seems to defeat what the plant wants to do most. Must be a Zen thing. and of course I'll advise you. Karen hasn't killed hers yet, has she?

Wendy said...

18cm! Damn! If it is still around at the end of the month, I will come round and see it.