28 September 2007

A kingdom behind it all

Dave Gahan - Kingdom [CDMute393] Released 08 October 2007 on Mute Records.

A brand-new single from the frontman of Depeche Mode. I cannot wait.


twanji said...

Wendy is going to slit her wrists!
BTW, Showgirls was in bad taste.

Triggermap said...

And now you have the joys of delivering it to your door at a price normal earthlings can afford...

Anonymous said...

I can't keep up on new music as I am too busy being a dad and money just isn't around anymore. I loved hearing some here however.

I read your previous post and feel bad that you don't like smells like I do. I did however find your arguments or reasons for having no smells mighty convincing. I am surprised I like them because I agree with a lot of what you said.